Marylebone is host to the world-famous & influential medical district of Harley Street. Just north of London’s Oxford Street & south of Regent’s Park, Marylebone is ideally situated for many seeking a new home in London.
Marylebone retains a ‘town’ character & has in many respects London’s best high street, with a dense residential quarter clustered above & around the shopping, as is commonly found in mainland Europe. The variety of Regency, Georgian & Victorian architecture makes Marylebone a stroller’s dream with landscaped squares, Hyde Park Square to the west & Manchester Square including the Wallace Collection to the east. Marylebone is a place where all aspects of life can be enjoyed – a place that epitomises the liveable, walkable, workable, commercial, cultural and social.

Marylebone’s most famous 19th Century resident was Sherlock Holmes who ‘lived’ in nearby 221B Baker Street and other more recent luminaries include Charles Babbage, the inventor of the computer, Charles Dickens, Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, John Lennon & more recently the pop icon Madonna.

MARYLEBONE PROPERTY – There are excellent ’30s & some later developments around the Baker Street area of Marylebone in which flats – the main living space here – are excellent & quite affordable for the area. In the depths of Marylebone are mansion blocks &  flats in very nice Georgian properties. The few houses here are extremely desirable, & are set in little mews lanes – beguiling, undiscovered & fragile-fashionable, like the rest of Marylebone itself.